Monday, March 15, 2010

Lady Blah Blah

Have you seen this YouTube video?? Lady Gaga's Bad Romance - it's this guy who learned all the dance moves, and he's really good.

So here is Slams The Door (in the red), me (with the baseball tee on), and James (in the back) dancing to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance in my kitchen. I don't think we're YouTube worthy yet...


When you have some free time and you need a laugh, look up Doglover199709 on YouTube, she is a great dancer :)


  1. now i know why you spend so much time at the dance club!! to practice those sweet moves! sleep sweet, and ill see you soon...

  2. James is hilarious lol..
    Good work guys:)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this...I really needed a good laugh :)

    (But at least you're brave enough to post this! I would NEVER do that!)

  4. Thank you for allowing me to start the work-day out with a chuckle!!!

  5. OMGosh--That was soooo funny! Tell Jam I was worried that she was going to get whiplash! You three are good!!

  6. LOL! Thanks everyone :) And thanks mom...I'll let JAM know ;)

  7. You're hilarious! And by the way, that's my daughter's favorite song. You should feel proud that my 2-year-old clapped along to your video.